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Perhaps because humankind has been using equus as a means of transportation for about 5,000 years, there is a common misconception that a horse was designed for our transport, and is a natural jumper. The reality is very different. Equus was magnificently designed to roam the plains, but has been removed to the harder surfaces of civilization. Despite the expectations put upon it by owners, equus has remarkably adapted and overcome limitations to serve us.

The anatomy, or structure, of the horse's body is the framework for other functions, and is responsible for the overall confirmation.

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            Abnormalities and Defects

Body Condition Chart - from Hubbard Feeds Inc.

Body Condition Scoring
- from Purina Mills

Upper Respiratory Tract Abnormalities
- from A World of Petcare

Splints & Fractures of the Splint Bones in Horses - from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Wobbler Syndrome in Horses - PDF FILE from the University of Kentucky

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